2 Week Baby Check Up

2 Week Baby Check Up

The 2 week baby check up is a vital step in the health management of any newborn baby.

At Hazelhill Family Practice we know how nervous new parents can be going through this stage, which is why we do our best to help make the check up as simple and as informative for the parents as possible.

The 2 week baby check up is provided for your baby under the 'Maternity and Infant Care Scheme'.

2 Week Baby Check Up is a service provided by Hazelhill Family Practice, a GP practice based in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.

The check up can be used by parents to talk to a doctor about:

  • your baby's development needs.
  • feeding issues.
  • sleeping patterns or lack of sleep.
  • hints and tips on winding and baby colic.
  • any concerns or questions you may have regarding your new baby.
  • The nurse or doctor will check your babies weight and heart.

How do I make an appointment at Hazelhill Family Practice?

To book your 2 Week Baby Check Up appointment at Hazelhill Family Practice click here and fill in the appointment form.

You can also call the Hazelhill Family Practice on 094 9630091.

Schedule your 2 week baby check up with Hazelhill Family Practice, general practitioners/ doctor's practice located in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.

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