Hazelhill Family Practice Doctors GPs based in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo

The full fee list for Hazelhill Family Practice is as follows:

ConsultationPrivate Patients GMS 
Standard Consultation€50Covered
Review Consultation (if seen within 2 weeks)€30Covered
Consultation & Blood€50€25
Consultation & ECG€80Covered
House Calls€80Covered
Consultation & Nebuliser€80Covered
Consultation & SuturesInsurance accepted €100Covered
Pertussis VaccineCoveredCovered
Scheduled Antenatal CareCoveredCovered
Scheduled Childhood VaccinationsCoveredCovered
Sexual Health Screen inc tests & follow up€80€80
Seasonal Influenza or Pneumococcal Vaccine€30€30*
INR Blood Test (only)€10€10
Cervical Smear if eligibleCoveredCovered
Mirena Coil Insertion including follow up 6/52€150Covered
Mirena Coil Removal€65Covered
Implanon Insertion€85Covered
Implanon Removal€85Covered
Depoprovera (Injection Only)€35Covered
Prolia injection only€35 Covered
Vitamin B12 (injection Only)€35Covered
Driving License Medical (Only)€40€40
Cryotherapy (follow up repeats €30)Insurance accepted - €50

Reviews - €30

Minor Surgical Proced. Insur. Cover AcceptedPrice on RequestPrice on Request
24 Hours Blood Pressure (2 appointments)€80Covered
Repeat Prescriptions (without consultation)1/7 = €15

1/12 = €20

3/12 = €25

6/12 = €30

Private Work Certs (short term)1/52 = €15

2/52 = €20

1/52 = €15

2/52 = €20

Private Work Certs (one month+)1/12 = €251/12 = €25
Social Welfare CertsCoveredCovered
Medico-Legal ReportsPrice on RequestPrice on Request
Copy of Medical Records (to solicitor) NOT for medical legal purposesCoveredCovered
Travel VaccinesPrice on RequestPrice on Request
Botulinum toxin injectionPrice on RequestPrice on Request
Dermal Filler InjectionPrice on RequestPrice on Request
Child Men B (if registered when child is over one year; 2 doses one month apart€150€150
Gardasil HPV Vaccine, 15 yrs to 26 yrs

3 vaccines required - 1, 2, 6 months

€220 each€220 each
Zostavax for Shingles SC inj. Avoid Pregnancy  1/12€250€250
Varvax Varicella (LIVE) Avoid Asprin/ Salicylate for 6/52€85€85
Private Smear€150€150
Tetanus vaccine€40 Covered
Letters (General)€30€30
Letters for Jury€40€40
Letter for PPS€50 (Family reduction upon request)€50
Letter for Aids and Adaptations€40€40
Letter for Fitness for Work/ Sport€50€50
Letter in support of applications€50€50
Disabled Parking Permit€40€40
Roaccutane consultation€80€80

*Covered if eligible for free vaccine

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