Hazelhill Family Practice Doctors GPs based in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo

The full fee list for Hazelhill Family Practice is as follows:

ConsultationPrivate Patients GMS 
Standard Consultation€50Covered
Review Consultation (if seen within 2 weeks)€30Covered
Consultation & Blood€50€25
Consultation & ECG€80Covered
House Calls€80Covered
Consultation & Nebuliser€80Covered
Consultation & SuturesInsurance accepted €100Covered
Pertussis Vaccine€20€20
Scheduled Antenatal CareCoveredCovered
Scheduled Childhood VaccinationsCoveredCovered
Sexual Health Screen inc tests & follow up€80€80
Seasonal Influenza or Pneumococcal Vaccine€30Covered
INR Blood Test (only)€10€10
Cerical Smear if eligibleCoveredCovered
Mirena Coil Insertion including follow up 6/52€150Covered
Mirena Coil Removal€65Covered
Implanon Insertion€85Covered
Implanon Removal€85Covered
Depoprovera (Injection Only)€35Covered
Prolia injection only€35 Covered
Vitamin B12 (injection Only)€35Covered
Driving License Medical (Only)€40€40
Cryotherapy (follow up repeats €30)Insurance accepted - €50

Reviews - €30

Minor Surgical Proced. Insur. Cover AcceptedPrice on RequestPrice on Request
24 Hours Blood Pressure (2 appointments)€80Covered
Repeat Prescriptions (without consultation)1/12 = €15

3/12 = €25

6/12 = €30

Private Work Certs (short term)1/52 = €15

2/52 = €20

1/52 = €15

2/52 = €20

Private Work Certs (one month+)1/12 = €251/12 = €25
Social Welfare CertsCoveredCovered
Medico-Legal ReportsPrice on RequestPrice on Request
Copy of Medical Records (to solicitor) NOT for medical legal purposesFrom €250From €250
Travel VaccinesPrice on RequestPrice on Request
Botulinum toxin injectionPrice on RequestPrice on Request
Dermal Filler InjectionPrice on RequestPrice on Request
Child Men B (if registered when child is over one year; 2 doses one month apart€150€150
Gardasil HPV Vaccine, 15 yrs to 26 yrs

3 vaccines required - 1, 2, 6 months

€220 each€220 each
Zostavax for Shingles SC inj. Avoid Pregnancy  1/12€250€250
Varvax Varicella (LIVE) Avoid Asprin/ Salicylate for 6/52€85€85
Private Smear: Consultation€50€50
Smear Lab Cytology€35€35
HPV TEST€65€65
Private Lab Vitamin D 50 E Plus Consultation€100€100
Tetanus vaccine€25Covered
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