Hazelhill, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.

General Medicine

We are a family run practice and our objective is always to put the health of our patients first, treating your family as carefully as we would treat our own. That is why we offer our patients with everything from assessment, diagnosis, treatment, screening, rehabilitation and health promotion.

Travel Vaccinations

Hazelhill Family Practice provides travel vaccinations to anyone who is planning on taking a trip and wants to make sure they have the right vaccines for their destination.

Contraceptive Services

At Hazelhill Family Practice, we provide consultations for patients who wish to discuss contraception and the various contraceptive options available to them.

STI Screening & Treatment

At Hazelhill Family Practice, we provide a comprehensive screening and testing service for sexually transmitted infections (STI)/ sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Acne Treatment

At Hazelhill Family Practice we are one of the few GP practices in the west of Ireland who prescribe Roaccutane. As a result we have had patients coming from all around Connacht...


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