Copper Coil

Copper Coil

Hazelhill Family Practice provides Copper Coil consultations and fittings.
 The Copper coil is another widely used method of contraception, which is popular due to its durability.

One of the great advantages of the Copper Coil is that it can last for 5 to 10 years, depending on the model used. It is also works on a very consistent basis, with a 99% effectiveness rate.  Like the Mirena Coil, the Copper Coil can also be easily reversed at a time of the patient’s choosing.

How does the Copper Coil work?

The Copper Coil can work in a number of different ways, or in a combination of these methods.

  • It stops sperm from reaching and combining with the egg.
  • It delays the egg in its journey to the womb.
  • It stops the egg from settling in the womb.

The copper in the Copper Coil is toxic to the sperm and the egg, but does not have any impact on the wider health of the user.

Advantages of the Copper Coil are that it works as soon as it is inserted, it can last a long time (5 to 10 years – depending on the model used) and if the Copper Coil is inserted after the age of 40, it can stay in place until the menopause.

Copper Coils, IUD for Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, Sligo, Connacht - Contraceptive Services - Hazelhill Family Practice

Copper Coils IUD for Connacht, Mayo, Galway, Sligo, Roscommon patients - Contraceptive Services - Hazelhill Family Practice

How is the Copper Coil inserted?

Fitting the Copper Coil is actually a relatively straightforward procedure which does not take long. Preparations for the copper coil insertion usually take about 10 minutes, but the actual fitting of the system can be done in a couple of minutes.

The Copper Coil is inserted into the womb through the vagina but using a specially designed fitting tool. The fitting can result in a little bit of discomfort to some women during the course of the procedure. Painkillers can be used for patients who are susceptible or concerned about experiencing pain during their copper coil fitting.

Cost of Copper Coil consultation:

At Hazelhill Family Practice, the cost for patients who wish to have a Copper Coil consultation and fitting is as follows:

ProcedurePrivate PatientsGMS and DVS Patients
Initial Copper Coil consultation€50Covered
Fitting of Copper Coil (including follow up consultations at Week 6)€150Covered
Removal of Copper Coil€65Covered

How do I make an appointment at Hazelhill Family Practice?

To book your Copper Coil appointment at Hazelhill Family Practice click here and fill in the appointment form.

You can also call the Hazelhill Family Practice on 094 9630091/ 094 9632170.

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