Covid-19 Antibody Test now at Hazelhill Family Practice

At Hazelhill Family Practice, we now offer the Covid-19 Antibody Test to anyone who is worried that they may have been previously exposed to the Coronavirus.

We know that some people suspect they may have previously contracted the virus. This test helps settle that question for those who are unsure.

How we carry out Covid-19 Antibody Testing

We take a blood sample and examine it to see if there are specific antibodies related to Covid-19, created by your immune system. Finding these antibodies provides a strong indication that you’ve been previously infected with the virus.

Antibodies help fight off the virus. They are only produced by the body after infection has taken place.

When should you take the Covid-19 Antibody test?

As Covid-19 antibodies can take 8-10 days or longer to appear, we recommend that you wait until 14 days after starting to feel sick before taking the Antibody Test. This will ensure that your body has had sufficient time to create the antibodies and will avoid the possibility of a false negative result.

Important information

Not everyone who has previously had the virus is guaranteed to have these antibodies present.

The presence of antibodies does not guarantee protection against future infections of the Covid-19 virus.

The Antibody tests should not be used to diagnose someone as being currently sick with COVID-19.

To check for a current infection, patients need a viral test which checks respiratory samples, such as a swab from inside your nose. 

How do I make an appointment for the Covid-19 Antibody Testing?

To book your Covid-19 Antibody Test with Hazelhill Family Practice, please click here. In the ‘Type of Consultation’ box please select ‘Regular General Practice’.

The Covid-19 Antibody Test costs €50.

You can also email Hazelhill Family Practice on or call 094 9630091/ 094 9632170.


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