Driving Licence Medical Report Form (D501)

Driving Licence Medical Report Form (D501)

Under Irish and EU law, certain people must include a Driving Licence Medical Report when they are submitting their driving licence application. In particular this form is required when for anyone who is:

  • Applying for a learner permit or driving licence in any of the following categories – C1, C, D1, D, CE1, CE, DE1 or DE.
  • Will be 70 years of age or more on the first day for which the licence or Learner Permit is being granted.
  • Suffers from certain disabilities or diseases. This includes conditions like diabetes, strokes, fit or blackouts, anyone with a cardiac pacemaker or implanted defibrillator, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson disease, Huntington’s disease, sleep apnoea syndrome, narcolepsy, repeated dizziness attacks, any kind of brain surgery, alcohol or drug dependency or a range of other conditions. To read the full list of conditions click here>>>
  • Have ever suffered from epilepsy or alcoholism.
  • Are taking drugs or medication on a regular basis which would be likely to make a person an unsafe driver.  

The Driving Licence Medical Report must be completed by a registered medical practitioner and the applicant must sign the form in their presence. At Hazelhill Family Practice we have extensive experience of completing these Driving Licence Medical Report forms and can go through the details with any of our patients who may require additional information.  

Once completed the person applying must submit their application to the National Driver Licence Service within one month of it being signed by the medical practitioner.  

The Driving Licence Medical Report Form can be downloaded on the Hazelhill Family Practice website. We are happy to help any patients to complete this form, if required. Completed forms should be submitted to the National Driver Licence Service.

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